Australian Hydrogen Projects and Research Centres Dataset (January 2021)


This dataset features Australian hydrogen projects and research centres that are actively in the investigation, construction, or operating phase, and meet either renewable hydrogen or CCS hydrogen production methods as outlined in Australia's National Hydrogen Strategy. The purpose of this dataset is to provide a detailed snapshot of hydrogen activity across Australia, and includes location data, operator details, and descriptions for all hydrogen projects and research centres listed. Additional data is included for hydrogen projects such as the source of energy for hydrogen production, the method of hydrogen production, and the amount of hydrogen to be produced per year.

This dataset is the basis of the point-location map of active Australian hydrogen projects and research centres featured on the landing page of the Australia Hydrogen Opportunities Tool (AusH2.ga.gov.au). AusH2 aims to attract investment in Australia’s hydrogen industry, providing high quality, free, online geospatial analysis tools and data for mapping and understanding Australia’s hydrogen potential. It uses key national-scale datasets, such as locations of wind, solar and hydro resources, to map prospective hydrogen production in Australia. Both hydrogen production by electrolysis using renewable energy sources and fossil fuel produced hydrogen coupled with carbon capture and storage (CCS) can be examined by the user. AusH2 was produced by Geoscience Australia for the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council’s Hydrogen Working Group in 2019.

Countries: Australia

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