A mini smart solar driven hydrogen production process with chemical looping reforming for microgrids


Solar thermochemical production of hydrogen with methane reforming is a primary and appropriate strategy for a mini smart electricity system. Importantly, perovskite-type materials are state-of-the-art oxygen carriers (OCs) for solar methane reforming systems with hydrogen production and storage which exhibit thermal stability and prior physicochemical properties. A series of LaCuxNi1-xO3 materials are prepared by combustion methods and tested via BET, XRD, SEM and TGA. The redox performance of the LaCuxNi1-xO3 under different reducing and oxidizing atmospheres are discussed using  thermogravimetric analysis. It is demonstrated that copper substitution facilitates the release of oxygen and the production of hydrogen along with solar-to-fuel efficiency.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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