Experimental evidence for the existence of a second partially-ordered phase of ice VI


Ice exhibits extraordinary structural variety in its polymorphic structures. The existence of a new form of diversity in ice polymorphism has recently been debated in both experimental and theoretical studies, questioning whether hydrogen-disordered ice can transform into multiple hydrogen-ordered phases, contrary to the known one-to-one correspondence between disordered ice and its ordered phase. Here, we report a high-pressure phase, ice XIX, which is a second hydrogen-partially-ordered phase of ice VI. We demonstrate that disordered ice undergoes different manners of hydrogen ordering, which are thermodynamically controlled by pressure in the case of ice VI. Such multiplicity can appear in all disordered ice, and it widely provides a research approach to deepen our knowledge, for example of the crucial issues of ice: the centrosymmetry of hydrogen-ordered configurations and potentially induced (anti-)ferroelectricity. Ultimately, this research opens up the possibility of completing the phase diagram of ice.

Funding source: JSPS KAKENHI (Grant numbers: 19H00648, 18J13298, 18H05224, 18H01936, 15H05829).
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Japan

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