A Novel Fluorescent Probe for Hydrogen Peroxide and Its Application in Bio-Imaging


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) plays an important role in the human body and monitoring its level is meaningful due to the relationship between its level and diseases. A fluorescent sensor (CMB) based on coumarin was designed and its ability for detecting hydrogen peroxide by fluorescence signals was also studied. The CMB showed an approximate 25-fold fluorescence enhancement after adding H2Odue to the interaction between the CMB and H2Oand had the potential for detecting physiological H2O2. It also showed good biocompatibility and permeability, allowing it to penetrate cell membranes and zebrafish tissues, thus it can perform fluorescence imaging of H2Oin living cells and zebrafish. This probe is a promising tool for monitoring the level of H2Oin related physiological and pathological research.

Funding source: National Natural Science Foundation of China (21977015 and 21820102001), and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (DUT20LK12).
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways

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