Analyzing Discrepancies in Chemical-Shift Predictions of Solid Pyridinium Fumarates


Highly accurate chemical-shift predictions in molecular solids are behind the success and rapid development of NMR crystallography. However, unusually large errors of predicted hydrogen and carbon chemical shifts are sometimes reported. An understanding of these deviations is crucial for the reliability of NMR crystallography. Here, recently reported large deviations of predicted hydrogen and carbon chemical shifts of a series of solid pyridinium fumarates are thoroughly analyzed. The influence of the geometry optimization protocol and of the computational level of NMR calculations on the accuracy of predicted chemical shifts is investigated. Periodic calculations with GGA, meta-GGA and hybrid functionals are employed. Furthermore, molecular corrections at the coupled-cluster singles-and-doubles (CCSD) level are calculated. The effect of nuclear delocalization on the structure and NMR shielding is also investigated. The geometry optimization with a computationally demanding hybrid functional leads to a substantial improvement in proton chemical-shift predictions.

Funding source: Czech Science Foundation, grant number 20-01472S.
Countries: Czech Republic

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