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Who we are

The Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) is the professional engineering institution for gas, here to support individuals and organisations connected with the gas industry. 

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre by the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) was developed with support from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), as part of its Energy Innovation Fund. This unique resource collects and organises an impressive range of hydrogen research and thought pieces into one place, which makes it easy for users to access and utilise. 

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is continually updated with key resources that we believe provide value to those working or studying in the future energy sector. Whether you’re looking for trusted research or beginning your journey into this innovative sector, this resource is here to support you.

Our aims

As the world responds to the climate change imperative, we are seeing a rapid scale up in technical development and policy ambition in the way we power our world. In industries that are characterised by near constant change, staying informed, up to date and ahead of the latest research can lead to game changing solutions and an acceleration in our journey to net zero carbon emissions.

The purpose of the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is to consolidate the knowledge of world-leading experts in the hydrogen industry into one easy to access place. The repository hosts and signposts to hydrogen resources from across gas network and supply chain organisations, academic institutions, research bodies and industry experts - covering a range of cross-sector applications and technologies. 

Through the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, IGEM aims to make it easier for members to keep up to date with hydrogen learning, by bringing a range of knowledge into a centralised searchable library, which can be easily filtered to find relevant content. As its content and usage grows we will be adding further features and capability to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, to offer an enhanced experience to our users. 

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is growing daily. Working with partners across the energy landscape, we are building collaborations and knowledge sharing capability to offer the latest hydrogen knowledge, as it emerges, from projects across the UK and internationally. We are a trusted resource to thousands of individuals who will benefit from the information shared. Access to this one-of-a-kind resource is just one of the many benefits of being an IGEM member.

More information on the scope of the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre and our approach to content inclusion can be found in our Collection Development Policy.

Impact of the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre

Launched in March 2021, with the support of the UK Government's Energy Innovation Programme, IGEM developed the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre with the aim of making hydrogen-related research, papers and industry news centrally accessible to those who would benefit most from it.

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is the first digital library of its kind anywhere in the world. The library is different because it:

  • is dedicated to hydrogen
  • is unparalleled in terms of scale and breadth of hydrogen resources
  • brings together learning from multiple, credible sources across the world - not limited to specific publishers or publications
  • includes research from across the whole hydrogen value chain, from production to utilisation
  • presents a ground-breaking example of how industry, government agencies and academia can come together to revolutionise knowledge sharing capability

The Centre has more than doubled in size since its launch, now holding more than 3,000 resources from 320 contributor sources, across 70 countries. The Centre has been accessed over 28,000 times, by more than 21,000 individuals across our collaborator organisations, stakeholders, members and guest users, across 140 countries around the world. 

At this scale and breadth of knowledge sharing, the Centre is actively advancing the collective understanding of this vital energy vector, across individuals working in areas such as engineering, energy consultancy, innovation, public policy, net zero management, academia and R&D. This is accelerating our path to net zero for the benefit of the public. 

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