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Frequently asked questions

Q1) What is the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre and how is it supported?

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is an aggregated digital repository of hydrogen resources, provided through a hosted e-library platform and supported by a dedicated professional librarian team. To ensure the resources can continue to grow sustainably, user access is through an annual IGEM membership subscription.

Q2) Do I have to pay for full access to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre?

Yes - Full access to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is part of a range of services and benefits provided by IGEM as part of membership. 

Q3) How much will I pay and what benefits does this bring me? 

Your payment is set at the IGEM Associate membership subscription rate. When you register to sign up to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre you will be enrolled as an Associate Member of IGEM. Registering as an IGEM member brings many other hydrogen related benefits that go beyond access to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre resource itself, including access to free webinars and conferences, regular industry news updates, a subscription to IGEM’s journal Gas International (Gi), discounted training and Technical Standards. IGEM deliver an annual programme including, Hydrogen training, Hydrogen Technical Standards, Future Gas Conferences, Henry Cavendish Lecture Series, Technical Webinars and more.

Q4) Do you offer ‘pay per view’ access?

No - Not at this time.

Q5) I am already an IGEM Member. Do I need to pay more to access the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre?

No - Access is part of your membership and is a new benefit provided to you. 

Q6) I am an IGEM Member, how do I get access to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre?

Simply login to your MyIGEM account and you will find the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre link on the dashboard. 

Q7) I am not an IGEM Member, how do I get access to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre?

Non-members who are interested in accessing the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, should visit our how to access page for more information on how to register and enrol as an IGEM Member.

Q8) Can I have full access to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre without joining IGEM?  

No - Access to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre provides you with the best means of securing the fullest range of hydrogen related information and resources from the institution (Also see Q3).

Q9) Is all the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre content accessible through my IGEM membership?

All downloadable content is accessible to IGEM members. There are also records that signpost to external websites, where other access restrictions or 'pay walls' may apply.

Q10) How do IGEM choose what resources are included in the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre and where are they sourced from?

IGEM identify resources from a vast range of online sources and directly from industry stakeholders, that fit the scope and criteria of the repository. We also receive contributions from across the industrial and academic world. We have set out what is in scope and our criteria in our Collection Development Policy.

Q11) Does IGEM have permission to host and share the publications in the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre?

Yes - IGEM has implicit or explicit permission to share or reuse content that is hosted on the platform, either directly from the publisher/copyright holder, or in accordance with the licencing terms that they are published under. Some records are simply a signpost to external third parties sources and are not physically hosted on the platform. 


Q12) Can I reuse or share the content hosted in the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre?

The reuse, or sharing of content depends on the rules set by the copyright owner for each individual document. IGEM have noted the copyright for each publication on its individual record. Users must therefore check which copyright rules apply to each publication before sharing, reusing or repurposing the document and users must adhere to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre's Terms of Use Licence. Any enquiries on copyright permissions should be directed towards the copyright holder. 

Q13) How do I enquire about submitting my own hydrogen related publication to be hosted in the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre?

Please refer to our Recommend a publication page where you can find details on what content is in scope for the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre. All contribution enquiries should be emailed to [email protected]

Q14) How do I provide feedback on or ask a question about the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre?

Please email [email protected] with your feedback or enquiry.


Q15) Who can I contact if I'm experiencing technical difficulties?

Please call our Information & Records Coordinator on 01509 678 161, during working hours (9am - 5pm, Monday to Thursday and 9am - 4.30pm on Friday) or email [email protected].

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