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Who can benefit?

"Whether you’re new to the industries related to hydrogen or have worked within them for decades, everyone can benefit from this exclusive resource, which is designed to collate the latest technical research and papers in one easy-to-access place."
Oliver Lancaster, CEO at IGEM.

The platform was designed to support those looking to learn more about hydrogen as an energy vector, its potential to help us meet net zero goals and work towards engineering a more sustainable future. Whether your role in the industry is focused on research, policy or you’re simply looking to stay current with the latest hydrogen developments and news, there is something for everyone here.

Industry experts – when you’re making technical or engineering decisions for hydrogen technologies and applications, accessing existing research and the latest findings is essential, to progress technical development, reduce duplication in effort and speed up innovation. 

Academics – keeping pace with the fast changing world of hydrogen innovation can be challenging. Accessing the most relevant and up-to-date information is crucial for research and development and successfully teaching the energy workforce of the future.

Policymakers – in order to make decisions and recommendations that will affect how we power the world sustainably, and understand the impacts of policy changes, it's fundamental that you have access to the most current technical, safety and socio-economic intelligence on hydrogen. 

Students – access to the latest research is an essential component of successful self-study and growing your hydrogen knowledge. The platform offers an easily searchable, centralised resource that will save you time and enhance your learning process. 

Students can become an IGEM member for free, providing full access to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre and a whole host of other member benefits. Please visit the IGEM application page for more information on how to apply.

Hydrogen is an area characterised by continual change as new research is revealed and we learn more about the potential application of this incredible element. This is one of the reasons that staying up to date with the latest information is essential to those currently researching, working or studying in this space – the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre allows them to do just that. 

To date, over 23,000 individuals within these innovative industries worldwide have accessed the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, and we are passionate about expanding access to this resource to as many individuals as possible.

We are proud to see individuals using the information and research material they have access to through this resource, to contribute to their hydrogen projects, research and studies – work that will potentially change the way we power our world and live our lives in a net zero future.

Anyone can join as a user to gain access and benefit from a range of other IGEM member services. For more information please visit our how to access page.

If you have any questions about the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, please get in touch with us today. Simply email [email protected] - we’re here to support users in making the most out of this platform.

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