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Optimal Energy Management of an Integrated Energy System with Multiple Hydrogen Sources


Hydrogen is considered a promising alternative to fossil fuels in an integrated energy system (IES). In order to reduce the cost of hydrogen energy utilization and the carbon emissions of the IES, this paper proposes a low-carbon dispatching strategy for a coordinated integrated energy system using green hydrogen and blue hydrogen. The strategy takes into account the economic and low-carbon complementarity between hydrogen production by water electrolysis and hydrogen production from natural gas. It introduces the green hydrogen production–storage–use module (GH-PSUM) and the blue hydrogen production–storage–use module (BH-PSUM) to facilitate the refined utilization of different types of hydrogen energy. Additionally, the flexibility in hydrogen load supply is analyzed, and the dynamic response mechanism of the hydrogen load supply structure (DRM-HLSS) is proposed to further reduce operating costs and carbon emissions. Furthermore, a carbon trading mechanism (CTM) is introduced to constrain the carbon emissions of the integrated energy system. By comprehensively considering the constraints of each equipment, the proposed model aims to minimize the total economic cost, which includes wind power operation and curtailment penalty costs, energy purchase costs, blue hydrogen purification costs, and carbon transaction costs. The rationality of the established scheduling model is verified through a comparative analysis of the scheduling results across multiple operating scenarios.

Funding source: The author(s) declare that financial support was received for the research, authorship, and of this article. This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NO. 52307098) and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (NO. 2023MS099).
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