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Development Concept of Integrated Energy Network and Hydrogen Energy Industry Based on Hydrogen Production Using Surplus Hydropower


The development of hydropower industry is progressing rapidly in China, and the installed capacity and power generation are increasing year by year. However, due to factors such as transmission channels and power grid peaking capacity, hydropower consumption in some areas is facing greater pressure. As an excellent medium for energy interconnection, hydrogen energy can play an important role in promoting hydropower consumption. This paper introduces the current status and trends of hydrogen energy development in major developed countries and China, and analyzes the current status of China’s hydropower abandoned water. Based on the production of hydrogen using surplus hydropower in the Dadu River Basin in Sichuan, an integrated energy network research plan including hydropower, electrolytic hydrogen production, storage and transportation, hydrogen refueling, and hydrogen-powered vehicles is proposed. At the same time, the development concept of hydrogen energy industry including hydrogen energy source economy, hydrogen energy industry ecosphere and hydrogen energy sky road in western Sichuan is also proposed.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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