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H2FC European Infrastructure; Research Opportunities to Focus on Scientific and Technical Bottlenecks


The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) recognizes in its roadmap for Research Infrastructures that ?in the near future hydrogen, as an energy carrier derived from various other fuels, and fuel cells as energy transformers, are expected to come into a major role for mobility but also for different other mobile and stationary applications? |1|. This modern hydrogen driven society lags far behind the reality. Because of that, it is conform to question the current situation concerning the belief, that already most is comprehensively investigated and developed concerning hydrogen technology is correct and already done. From that it appears, the hydrogen technology is market ready only partial and not prepared in a sufficient way to get finally included and adopted in modern hydrogen driven society and especially the acceptance of the society is a critical. Beside this critical view through society several scientific and technical bottlenecks still discoverable. Nevertheless it is possible to foster furthermore science and development on hydrogen technology. The ?Integrating European Infrastructure? was created to support science and development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies towards European strategy for sustainable, competitive and secure energy, also while identifying scientific and technical bottlenecks to support solutions based on. Its acronym is H2FC European Infrastructure and was formed to integrate the European R&D community around rare and/or unique infrastructural elements that will facilitate and significantly enhance the research and development of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

Countries: Germany ; Norway

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H2FC European Infrastructure; Research opportunities to focus on scientific and technical bottlenecks

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