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Parametric Studies on LaNi4.7Al0.3 Based Hydrogen Storage Reactor with Embedded Cooling Tubes


This study reports the investigative conclusions of parametric studies conducted to understand the effect of operating parameters on absorption and desorption characteristics of LaNi4.7Al0.3 metal hydride system for thermal management applications. Reactor with improved design containing 55 embedded cooling tubes is fabricated and filled with 4 kg of metal hydride alloy. Using water as heat transfer fluid (HTF), effects of supply pressure, HTF temperature and HTF flow rate on absorption and desorption characteristics of the reactor are analyzed. Increasing supply pressure leads to prominent improvement in absorption capacity while the increase in HTF temperature enhanced desorption performance. At 20 bar and 20 °C, 46.2877 g of hydrogen (1.16 wt%) was absorbed resulting in total energy output of 707.3 kJ for 300 s. During desorption at 80 °C with water flow rate of 8 lpm, heat input of 608.1 kJ for 300 s resulted in 28.5259 g of hydrogen desorption.

Countries: India

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