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The Influence of Hydrogen Desorption on Micromechanical Properties and Tribological Behavior of Iron and Carbon Steels


The influence of the previous electrolytic hydrogenation on the micromechanical properties and tribological behavior of the surface layers of iron and carbon steels has been studied. The concentrations of diffusion-moving and residual hydrogen in steels are determined depending on the carbon content. It is shown that the amount of sorbed hydrogen is determined by the density of dislocations and the relative volume of cementite. After desorption of diffusion-moving hydrogen the microhardness increases and materials plasticity decreases. The change of these characteristics decreases with the increase of carbon content in the steels. Internal stresses increase and redistribute under hydrogen desorption. Fragmentation of ferrite and perlite occurs as a result of electrolytic hydrogenation. Ferrite is characterized by the structure fragmentation and change of the crystallographic orientation of planes. The perlite structure shows the crushing of cementite plates and their destruction. The influence of hydrogen desorption on the microhardness of structural components of ferrite-perlite steels is shown. Large scattering of microhardness is found in perlite, due to different diffusion rates of hydrogen because of the unequally oriented cementite plates. It was found that the tendency of materials to blister formation is reduced with the increase of carbon content. The influence of hydrogen on the tribological behaviour of steels under dry and boundary friction has been studied. It is shown that hydrogen desorption intensifies the materials wear. After hydrogen desorption, tribological behaviour is determined by the adhesion interaction between the contacting pairs.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Ukraine

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