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Study on Critical Technologies and Development Routes of Coal-based Hydrogen Energy


Hydrogen is considered a secondary source of energy, commonly referred to as an energy carrier. It has the highest energy content when compared to other common fuels by weight, having great potential for further development. Hydrogen can be produced from various domestic resources but, based on the fossil resource conditions in China, coal-based hydrogen energy is considered to be the most valuable, because it is not only an effective way to develop clean energy, but also a proactive exploration of the clean usage of traditional coal resources. In this article, the sorption-enhanced water–gas shift technology in the coal-to-hydrogen section and the hydrogen-storage and transport technology with liquid aromatics are introduced and basic mechanisms, technical advantages, latest progress and future R&D focuses of hydrogen-production and storage processes are listed and discussed. As a conclusion, after considering the development frame and the business characteristics of CHN Energy Group, a conceptual architecture for developing coal-based hydrogen energy and the corresponding supply chain, is proposed.


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