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Integrated Ni-P-S Nanosheets Array as Superior Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Generation


Searching for efficient and robust non-noble electrocatalysts for hydrogen generation is extremely desirable for future green energy systems. Here, we present the synthesis of integrated Ni-P-S nanosheets array including Ni2P and NiS on nickel foam by a simple simultaneous phosphorization and sulfurization strategy. The resultant sample with optimal composition exhibits superior electrocatalytic performance for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) in a wide pH range. In alkaline media, it can generate current densities of 10, 20 and 100 mA cm−2 at low overpotentials of only −101.9, −142.0 and −207.8 mV with robust durability. It still exhibits high electrocatalytic activities even in acid or neutral media. Such superior electrocatalytic performances can be mainly attributed to the synergistic enhancement of the hybrid Ni-P-S nanosheets array with integration microstructure. The kind of catalyst gives a new insight on achieving efficient and robust hydrogen generation.

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