Electrocatalytic activity for the hydrogen evolution of the electrodeposited Co-Ni-Mo, Co-Ni and Co-Mo alloy coatings


The electrocatalytic activity for the HER of the ternary Co–Ni–Mo and the binary Co–Ni and Co–Mo alloy coatings is investigated in 1 M KOH solution. The surface morphology and the structure of the studied coatings is characterized by SEM and XRD analysis. The electrocatalytic activity for the HER is evaluated using cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, cathodic polarization and chronopotentiometry techniques. XRD analysis reveals that all studied coatings are composed of the Co hcp structure. However, alloy deposits with Mo is characterized by more nanocrystalline structure. Electrochemical experiments reveal superior electrocatalytic activity of coatings with Mo in comparison to Co–Ni alloy. This is the results of larger real surface area of Co–Mo and Co–Ni–Mo alloys, which is confirmed by the higher surface roughness factors (Rf) calculated based on the EIS results. The ternary alloy coating is characterized by the highest Rf parameter and the highest catalytic activity for the HER.

Countries: Poland

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