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Interfacial Confinement of Ni-V2O3 in Molten Salts for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution


Implementation of non-precious electrocatalysts is key-enabling for water electrolysis to relieve challenges in energy and environmental sustainability. Self-supporting Ni-V2O3.electrodes consisting of nanostrip-like V2O3.perpendicularly anchored on Ni meshes are herein constructed via the electrochemical reduction of soluble NaVO3 in molten salts for enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution. Such a special configuration in morphology and composition creates a well confined interface between Ni and V2O3. Experimental and Density-Functional-Theory results confirm that the synergy between Ni and V2O3.accelerates the dissociation of H2O for forming hydrogen intermediates and enhances the combination of H* for generating H2.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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