A chemical oxygen generator using seawater and a chemical oxygen generator using seawater and moderator to control the temperature


Oxygen is generated from adduct sodium percarbonate in granular form using seawater as the solvent. When the total seawater is increased from 100 ml to 250 ml, the instantaneous flow increases from 1000 ml/min to 3000 ml/min. In spite of the more lively reaction with the additional water, the maximum reaction temperature is reduced from 60 °C to 40 °C. This oxygen generation method without the additional weight of a moderator to control the temperature could be used as the oxygen side of a PEM fuel cell in oxygen-denied environments. Using a moderator, an unexpected effect is observed near the beginning of the reaction in seawater: a flat temperature line that is reproducible. The highly exothermic heat of formation of oxygen from peroxide is temporarily balanced by the endothermic heats of dissolution of the adduct and moderator. This phase transition-like temperature effect is evidence of a 2-step process in solution.

Countries: United States

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