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Modelling and Simulation of a Zero-emission Hybrid Power Plant for a Domestic Ferry


This paper presents a simulation tool for marine hybrid power-plants equipped with polymer exchange membrane fuel cells and batteries. The virtual model, through the combination of operational data and dynamically modelled subsystems, can simulate power-plants of different sizes and configurations, in order to analyze the response of different energy management strategies. The model aims to replicate the realistic behavior of the components included in the vessel's grid, to asses if the hardware selected by the user is capable of delivering the power set-point requested by the energy management system. The model can then be used to optimize key factors such as hydrogen consumption. The case study presented in the paper demonstrates how the model can be used for the evaluation of a retrofitting operation, replacing a diesel electric power-plant with fuel cells and batteries. The vessel taken into consideration is a domestic ferry, operating car and passenger transport in Denmark. The vessel is outfitted with a diesel electric plant and an alternative hybrid power-plant is proposed. The hybrid configuration is tested using the model in a discrete time-domain.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Norway

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