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Study of the Effect of Addition of Hydrogen to Natural Gas on Diaphragm Gas Meters


Power-to-gas technology plays a key role in the success of the energy transformation. This paper addresses issues related to the legal and technical regulations specifying the rules for adding hydrogen to the natural gas network. The main issue reviewed is the effects of the addition of hydrogen to natural gas on the durability of diaphragm gas meters. The possibility of adding hydrogen to the gas network requires confirmation of whether, within the expected hydrogen concentrations, long-term operation of gas meters will be ensured without compromising their metrological properties and operational safety. Methods for testing the durability of gas meters applied at test benches and sample results of durability tests of gas meters are presented. Based on these results, a metrological and statistical analysis was carried out to establish whether the addition of hydrogen affects the durability of gas meters over time. The most important conclusion resulting from the conducted study indicates that, for the tested gas meter specimens, there was no significant metrological difference between the obtained changes of errors of indications after testing the durability of gas meters with varying hydrogen content (from 0% to 15%).

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Poland

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