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Magnetic Field Enhancement of Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Probed by Magneto-optics


External magnetic fields affect various electrochemical processes and can be used to enhance the efficiency of the electrochemical water splitting reaction. However, the driving forces behind this effect are poorly understood due to the analytical challenges of the available interface-sensitive techniques. Here, we present a set-up based on magneto- and electro-optical probing, which allows to juxtapose the magnetic properties of the electrode with the electrochemical current densities in situ at various applied potentials and magnetic fields. On the example of an archetypal hydrogen evolution catalyst, Pt (in a form of Co/Pt superlattice), we provide evidence that a magnetic field acts on the electrochemical double layer affecting the local concentration gradient of hydroxide ions, which simultaneously affects the magneto-optical and magnetocurrent response.

Funding source: LightChEC, Switzerland; Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Switzerland

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