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Highly Porous Organic Polymers for Hydrogen Fuel Storage


Hydrogen (H2) is one of the best candidates to replace current petroleum energy resources due to its rich abundance and clean combustion. However, the storage of H2presents a major challenge. There are two methods for storing Hfuel, chemical and physical, both of which have some advantages and disadvantages. In physical storage, highly porous organic polymers are of particular interest, since they are low cost, easy to scale up, metal-free, and environmentally friendly.
In this review, highly porous polymers for H2 fuel storage are examined from five perspectives:
(a) brief comparison of Hstorage in highly porous polymers and other storage media;
(b) theoretical considerations of the physical storage of Hmolecules in porous polymers;
(c) H2 storage in different classes of highly porous organic polymers;
(d) characterization of microporosity in these polymers; and
(e) future developments for highly porous organic polymers for Hfuel storage. These topics will provide an introductory overview of highly porous organic polymers in Hfuel storage.

Countries: United States

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