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Integration of Chemical Looping Combustion for Cost-effective CO2 Capture from State-of-the-art Natural Gas Combined Cycles


Chemical looping combustion (CLC) is a promising method for power production with integrated CO2 capture with almost no direct energy penalty. When integrated into a natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) plant, however, CLC imposes a large indirect energy penalty because the maximum achievable reactor temperature is far below the firing temperature of state-of-the-art gas turbines. This study presents a techno-economic assessment of a CLC plant that circumvents this limitation via an added combustor after the CLC reactors. Without the added combustor, the energy penalty amounts to 11.4%-points, causing a high CO2 avoidance cost of $117.3/ton, which is more expensive than a conventional NGCC plant with post-combustion capture ($93.8/ton) with an energy penalty of 8.1%-points. This conventional CLC plant would also require a custom gas turbine. With an added combustor fired by natural gas, a standard gas turbine can be deployed, and CO2 avoidance costs are reduced to $60.3/ton, mainly due to a reduction in the energy penalty to only 1.4%-points. However, due to the added natural gas combustion after the CLC reactor, CO2 avoidance is only 52.4%. Achieving high CO2 avoidance requires firing with clean hydrogen instead, increasing the CO2 avoidance cost to $96.3/ton when a hydrogen cost of $15.5/GJ is assumed. Advanced heat integration could reduce the CO2 avoidance cost to $90.3/ton by lowering the energy penalty to only 0.6%-points. An attractive alternative is, therefore, to construct the plant for added firing with natural gas and retrofit the added combustor for hydrogen firing when CO2 prices reach very high levels.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Belgium ; Italy ; Norway

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