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The Deltah Lab, a New Multidisciplinary European Facility to Support the H2 Distribution & Storage Economy


The target for European decarburization encourages the use of renewable energy sources and His considered the link in the global energy system transformation. So, research studies are numerous, but only few facilities can test materials and components for H2 storage. This work offers a brief review of Hstorage methods and presents the preliminary results obtained in a new facility. Slow strain rate and fatigue life tests were performed in H2 at 80 MPa on specimens and a tank of AISI 4145, respectively. Besides, the storage capacity at 30 MPa of a solid-state system, they were evaluated on kg scale by adsorption test. The results have shown the H2 influence on mechanical properties of the steel. The adsorption test showed a gain of 26% at 12 MPa in H2 storage with respect to the empty condition. All samples have been characterized by complementary techniques in order to connect the H2 effect with material properties.

Funding source: Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) grant number 16/RC/3872 ; European Regional Development Fund; I-Form industry partners.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Italy

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