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The Effects of Electrochemical Hydrogen Charging on Room-Temperature Tensile Properties of T92/TP316H Dissimilar Weldments in Quenched-and-Tempered and Thermally-Aged Conditions


The influence of isothermal aging at 620 °C in combination with subsequent electrochemical hydrogen charging at room-temperature was studied on quenched-and-tempered T92/TP316H martensitic/austenitic weldments in terms of their room-temperature tensile properties and fracture behavior. Hydrogen charging of the weldments did not significantly affect their strength properties; however, it resulted in considerable deterioration of their plastic properties along with significant impact on their fracture characteristics and failure localization. The hydrogen embrittlement plays a dominant role in degradation of the plastic properties of the weldments already in their initial material state, i.e., before thermal aging. After thermal aging and subsequent hydrogen charging, mutual superposition of thermal and hydrogen embrittlement phenomena had led to clearly observable effects on the welds deformation and fracture processes. The measure of hydrogen embrittlement was clearly lowered for thermally aged material state, since the contribution of thermal embrittlement to overall degradation of the weldments has dominated. The majority of failures of the weldments after hydrogen charging occurred in the vicinity of T92 BM/Ni weld metal (WM) fusion zone; mostly along the Type-II boundary in Ni-based weld metal. Thus, regardless of aging exposure, the most critical failure regions of the investigated weldments after hydrogen charging and tensile straining at room temperature are the T92 BM/Ni WM fusion boundary and Type-II boundary acting like preferential microstructural sites for hydrogen embrittling effects accumulation

Funding source: “Vedecká Grantová Agentúra MŠVVaŠ SR a SAV” (Grant No.: VEGA 2/0062/19).
Countries: Slovak Republic

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