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Hydrogen Embrittlement Evaluation of Micro Alloyed Steels by Means of J-Integral Curve


The aim of this work is the evaluation of the hydrogen effect on the J-integral parameter. It is well-known that the micro alloyed steels are affected by Hydrogen Embrittlement phenomena only when they are subjected at the same time to plastic deformation and hydrogen evolution at their surface. Previous works have pointed out the absence of Hydrogen Embrittlement effects on pipeline steels cathodically protected under static load conditions. On the contrary, in slow strain rate tests it is possible to observe the effect of the imposed potential and the strain rate on the hydrogen embrittlement steel behavior only after the necking of the specimens. J vs. Δa curves were measured on different pipeline steels in air and in aerated NaCl 3.5 g/L solution at free corrosion potential or under cathodic polarization at −1.05 and −2 V vs. SCE. The area under the J vs. Δa curves and the maximum crack propagation rate were taken into account. These parameters were compared with the ratio between the reduction of area in environment and in air obtained by slow strain rate test in the same environmental conditions and used to rank the different steels.

Countries: Italy ; Switzerland

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