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Mechanical Properties of Gas Main Steels after Long-Term Operation and Peculiarities of Their Fracture Surface Morphology


Regularities of steel structure degradation of the “Novopskov-Aksay-Mozdok” gas main pipelines (Nevinnomysskaya CS) as well as the “Gorky-Center” pipelines (Gavrilovskaya CS) were studied. The revealed peculiarities of their degradation after long-term operation are suggested to be treated as a particular case of the damage accumulation classification (scheme) proposed by prof. H.M. Nykyforchyn. It is shown that the fracture surface consists of sections of ductile separation and localized zones of micro-spalling. The presence of the latter testifies to the hydrogen-induced embrittlement effect. However, the steels under investigation possess sufficiently high levels of the mechanical properties required for their further safe exploitation, both in terms of durability and cracking resistance.


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