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Studies of the Impact of Hydrogen on the Stability of Gaseous Mixtures of THT


One of the most important requirements concerning the quality of natural gases, guaranteeing their safe use, involves providing the proper level of their odorization. This allows for the detection of uncontrolled leakages of gases from gas networks, installations and devices. The concentration of an odorant should be adjusted in such a manner that the gas odor in a mixture with air would be noticeable by users (gas receivers). A permanent odor of gas is guaranteed by the stability of the odorant molecule and its resistance to changes in the composition of odorized gases. The article presents the results of experimental research on the impact of a hydrogen additive on the stability of tetrahydrothiophene (THT) mixtures in methane and in natural gas with a hydrogen additive. The objective of the work was to determine the readiness of measurement infrastructures routinely used in monitoring the process of odorizing natural gas for potential changes in its composition. One of the elements of this infrastructure includes the reference mixtures of THT, used to verify the correctness of the readings of measurement devices. The performed experimental tests address possible changes in the composition of gases supplied via a distribution network, resulting from the introduction of hydrogen. The lack of interaction between hydrogen and THT has been verified indirectly by assessing the stability of its mixtures with methane and natural gas containing hydrogen. The results of the presented tests permitted the identification of potential hazards for the safe use of gas from a distribution network, resulting from changes in its composition caused by the addition of hydrogen.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Poland

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