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Complex Methods of Estimation Technological Strength of Welded Joints in Welding at Low Temperatures


A comprehensive methodology for estimating the technological strength of welded joints are developed based on parameters reflecting the welding technology, weldability, hydrogen, force and deformation conditions for welding and other informative parameters that correlate with the characteristics of the welded joint, as well as improving existing methods for estimating the technological strength of welded joints connections through the introduction of modern equipment and non-destructive testing systems. It has been established that the proposed comprehensive estimation methodology will allow reaching a new qualitative level in assessing the technological strength of a welded joint using modern equipment and measuring instruments. According to the results of the experimental work, it was found that when welding at low temperatures, the increase in the probability of the formation and development of cold cracks is mainly determined by the critical content of diffusible hydrogen in the weld metal, depending on the structural and force parameters of the welded joints.

Funding source: Federal Agency of Scientific Organization of Ministry of Science and Education of Russian Federation (Project III.28.1)
Countries: Russian Federation

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