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Calibrating a Ductile Damage Model for Two Pipeline Steels: Method and Challenges


This work is part of a project that aims to develop a micromechanics based damage law taking into account hydrogen assisted degradation. A 'vintage' API 5L X56N and a 'modern' API 5L X70M pipeline steel have been selected for this purpose. The paper focuses on an experimental calibration of ductile damage properties of the well known complete Gurson model for the two steels in absence of hydrogen. A basic microstructural characterization is provided, showing a banded ferrite-pearlite microstructure for both steels. Charpy impact tests showed splits at the fracture surface for the X70 steel. Double-notched round bar tensile tests are performed, aiming to provide the appropriate input for damage model calibration. The double-notched nature of the specimens allows to examine the material state at maximum load in the unfailed notch, and the final material state in the failed notch. Different notch radii are used, capturing a broad range of positive stress triaxialities. The notches are optically monitored for transverse necking in two perpendicular directions (transverse to rolling and through thickness) to reveal any anisotropy in plastic deformation and/or damage. It is explained how the occurrence of splits at the segregation zone, and anisotropy complicate the calibration procedure. Calibration is done for each steel and acceptable results are obtained. However, the occurrence of splits did not allow to evaluate the damage model for the highest levels of tested stress triaxiality.

Funding source: Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) via grant G056519N for R.Depraetere and M. Cauwels, while T. Depover holds a senior postdoctoral fellowship of the Research Foundation- Flanders (FWO) via grant 12ZO420N.
Countries: Belgium

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