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Effect of Hydrogen-storage Pressure on the Detonation Characteristics of Emulsion Explosives Sensitized by Glass Microballoons


In this study, hydrogen-storage glass microballoons were introduced into emulsion explosives to improve the detonation performance of the explosives. The effect of hydrogen-storage pressure on the detonation characteristics of emulsion explosives was systematically investigated. Detonation velocity experiments shows that the change of sensitizing gas and the increase of hydrogen pressure have different effects on the detonation velocity. The experimental parameters of underwater explosion increase first and then decreases with the increase of hydrogen pressure. The decrease of these parameters indicates that the strength of glass microballoons is the limiting factor to improve the detonation performance of hydrogen-storage emulsion explosives. Compared with the traditional emulsion explosives, the maximum peak pressure of shock wave of hydrogen-storage emulsion explosives increases by 10.6% at 1.0 m and 10.2% at 1.2 m, the maximum values of shock impulse increase by 5.7% at 1.0 m and 19.4% at 1.2 m. The stored hydrogen has dual effects of sensitizers and energetic additives, which can improve the energy output of emulsion explosives.

Funding source: National Natural Science Foundation of China under Project NO. 51874267 and NO. 51674229.

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