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Exergy and Exergoeconomic Analysis of Hydrogen and Power Cogeneration Using an HTR Plant


This paper proposes using sodium-cooled fast reactor technologies for use in hydrogen vapor methane (SMR) modification. Using three independent energy rings in the Russian BN-600 fast reactor, steam is generated in one of the steam-generating cycles with a pressure of 13.1 MPa and a temperature of 505 °C. The reactor's second energy cycles can increase the gas-steam mixture's temperature to the required amount for efficient correction. The 620 ton/hr 540 °C steam generated in this cycle is sufficient to supply a high-temperature synthesis current source (700 °C), which raises the steam-gas mixture's temperature in the reactor. The proposed technology provides a high rate of hydrogen production (approximately 144.5 ton/hr of standard H2), also up to 25% of the original natural gas, in line with existing SMR technology for preparing and heating steam and gas mixtures will be saved. Also, exergy analysis results show that the plant's efficiency reaches 78.5% using HTR heat for combined hydrogen and power generation.


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