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Synergetic Effect of Multiple Phases on Hydrogen Desorption Kinetics and Cycle Durability in Ball Milled MgH2–PrF3–Al–Ni Composite


A new MgH2–PrF3–Al–Ni composite was prepared by ball milling under hydrogen atmosphere. After initial dehydrogenation and rehydrogenation, Pr3Al11, MgF2, PrH3 and Mg2NiH4 nanoparticles formed accompanying the main phase MgH2. The hydrogen absorption-desorption properties were measured by using a Sieverts-type apparatus. The results showed that the MgH2–PrF3–Al–Ni composite improved cycle stability and enhanced hydrogen desorption kinetics. The improvement of hydrogen absorption-desorption properties is ascribed to the synergetic effect of the in situ formed Pr3Al11, MgF2, PrH3 and Mg2NiH4 nanoparticles. This work provides an important inspiration for the improvement of hydrogen storage properties in Mg-based materials.

Funding source: National Science Centre in Poland within Sonata Bis-5 project no. 2015/18/E/ST5/00306 and OPUS-13 project nr 2017/25/B/ST8/01592; National Centre for Research and Development Poland in the framework of the LIDER research project (contract no. LIDER/19/0069/L-11/19/NCBR/2020).
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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