Simplification of the CCVD method used in the growth of carbon nanotube forests on titanium substrate


The carbon nanotubes (CNTs) play an important role in nanotechnology research today as they have the potential to be used in several areas. Environmental protection is highly discussed nowadays, which is why it is necessary to be able to produce CNT forests with less energy investment and simply, for these reasons we used the dip-coating layer construction method, which is a simple process. We also would like to simplify the production of CNT forests by changing several parameters used in the syntheses (concentration of ink, catalyst ratios, temperature, the effect of heat-treatment, hydrogen, and water vapor, reaction time, carbon source). For these reasons, this research uses a dip-coating method to form a catalyst layer on the surface of the substrate, as well as to investigate various parameters to produce CNT forests directly on the titanium substrate, as it is important today to use a conductive substrate.

Funding source: ÚNKP-20-3-SZTE-557 New National Excellence Program of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Hungary ; Romania

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