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Platinum Single-atom Catalyst Coupled with Transition Metal/Metal Oxide Heterostructure for Accelerating Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction


Single-atom catalysts provide an effective approach to reduce the amount of precious metals meanwhile maintain their catalytic activity. However, the sluggish activity of the catalysts for alkaline water dissociation has hampered advances in highly efficient hydrogen production. Herein, we develop a single-atom platinum immobilized NiO/Ni heterostructure (PtSA-NiO/Ni) as an alkaline hydrogen evolution catalyst. It is found that Pt single atom coupled with NiO/Ni heterostructure enables the tunable binding abilities of hydroxyl ions (OH*) and hydrogen (H*), which efficiently tailors the water dissociation energy and promotes the H* conversion for accelerating alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction. A further enhancement is achieved by constructing PtSA-NiO/Ni nanosheets on Ag nanowires to form a hierarchical three-dimensional morphology. Consequently, the fabricated PtSA-NiO/Ni catalyst displays high alkaline hydrogen evolution performances with a quite high mass activity of 20.6 A mg−1 for Pt at the overpotential of 100 mV, significantly outperforming the reported catalysts.

Funding source: National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (Grant No. 52070006, 11804012, 12074017), the Scientific and Technological Development Project of the Beijing Education Committee (No. KZ201710005009), and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (Grant No. KM201910005009), the Beijing municipal high level innovative team building program (IDHT20190503) and the National Natural Science Fund for Innovative Research Groups of China (51621003).
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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