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Small-Scaled Production of Blue Hydrogen with Reduced Carbon Footprint


This article reviews a method of hydrogen production based on partial non-catalytic oxidation of natural gas in an original synthesis gas generator. The working principles of the unit are similar to those of liquid-propellant rocket engines. This paper presents a description of the operation and technical characteristics of the synthesis gas generator. Its application in the creation of small-scaled plants with a capacity of up to 5–7 thousand m3/h of hydrogen is justified. Hydrogen production in the developed installation requires a two-stage method and includes a technological unit for producing a hydrogen-containing gas. Typical balance compositions of hydrogen-containing gas at the synthesis gas generator’s outlet are given. To increase the hydrogen concentration, it is proposed to carry out a two-stage steam catalytic conversion of carbon monoxide contained in the hydrogen-containing gas at the synthesis gas generator’s outlet using a single Cu–Zn–cementcontaining composition. Based on thermodynamic calculations, quasi-optimal modes of natural gas partial oxidation with oxygen are formulated and the results of material balance calculation for the installation are presented. In order to produce “blue” hydrogen, the scheme of carbon dioxide separation and liquefaction is developed. The conclusion section of the paper contains the test results of a pilot demonstration unit and the recommendations for improving the technology and preventing soot formation.

Funding source: Research was carried out with financial support by subsidy for the implementation of the state task in the field of scientific activity in 2021 No. FSRW-2020-0014.
Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain
Countries: Russian Federation

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