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Research on Multi-Period Hydrogen Refueling Station Location Model in Jiading District


The construction of hydrogen refueling stations is an important part of the promotion of fuel cell vehicles. In this paper, a multi-period hydrogen refueling station location model is presented that can be applied to the planning and construction of hydrogen infrastructures. Based on the hydrogen demand of fuel cell passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the model calculates the hydrogen demand of each zone by a weighting method according to population, economic level and education level. Then, the hydrogen demand of each period is calculated using the generalized Bass diffusion model. Finally, the set covering model is improved to determine the locations of the stations. The new model is applied to the scientific planning of hydrogen refueling stations in Jiading District, Shanghai; the construction location and sequence of hydrogen refueling stations in each period are given, and the growth trend of hydrogen demand and the promoting effect of hydrogen refueling stations are analyzed. The model adopted in this model is then compared with the other two kinds of node-based hydrogen refueling station location models that have previously been proposed.

Funding source: This research was funded by the Key Applied Research Projects of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai, grant number 18DZ1201900.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways

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