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Non-precious Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis: A Mini Review


Anion exchange membrane water electrolysis (AEMWE) is considered the next generation of green hydrogen production method because it uses low-cost non-noble metal oxide electrocatalyst electrodes and can store highpurity hydrogen under high pressure. However, the commercialization of AEMWE with non-precious metal oxide electrocatalysts is challenging due to low electrocatalytic activity and durability. Overcoming the low kinetics caused by four-electron transfer is vital in addressing the low activity of non-noble metal oxide electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction. This article overviews the synthesis methods and related techniques for various anode electrodes applied to AEMWE systems. We highlight effective strategies that have been developed to improve the performance and durability of the non-precious electrocatalysts and ensure the stable operation of AEMWE, followed by a critical perspective to encourage the development of this technology.

Related subjects: Production & Supply Chain

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