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Hydrogen as Energy Sources—Basic Concepts


This paper covers the hydrogen technologies regarding the role of hydrogen as an energy carrier and the possibilities of its production and use. It is initially presented the modalities and the efficiency of the current technologies of obtaining hydrogen, detailing its obtaining by the electrolysis of the water, the electrochemical efficiency and the specific consumption of electricity as well as the thermodynamics of the electrochemical processes. The following paragraph addresses hydrogen conversion possibilities. This paragraph details the thermodynamic analysis of the fuel cell, the external characteristic of the fuel cell and the types of fuel cell. The last paragraph addresses the possibilities of using the fuel cells for electrical vehicles and cogeneration systems for buildings.In this context, the traditional transport and distribution grid will have to adapt to the new realities as they will need to actively participate in the internal energy market by the transformation of the traditional electricity grid in energy flow, from unidirectional to bidirectional through the production of hydrogen offering the same facilities as the gas grid.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Romania

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