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Hybrid Hydrogen–PV–e-Mobility Industrial Energy Community Concept—A Technology Feasibility Study


As renewable energy sources are spreading, the problems of energy usage, transport and storage arise more frequently. In order that the performance of energy producing units from renewable sources, which have a relatively low efficiency, should not be decreased further, and to promote sustainable energy consumption solutions, a living lab conception was elaborated in this project. At the pilot site, the produced energy (by PV panels, gas turbines/engines) is stored in numerous ways, including hydrogen production. The following uses of hydrogen are explored: (i) feeding it into the national natural gas network; (ii) selling it at a H-CNG (compressed natural gas) filling station; (iii) using it in fuel cells to produce electricity. This article introduces the overall implementation plan, which can serve as a model for the hybrid energy communities to be established in the future.

Countries: Hungary

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