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Estimation of the Influence of Compressed Hydrogen on the Mechanical Properties of Pipeline Steels


Consideration of the possibility of transporting compressed hydrogen through existing gas pipelines leads to the need to study the regularities of the effect of hydrogen on the mechanical properties of steels in relation to the conditions of their operation in pipelines (operating pressure range, stress state of the pipe metal, etc.). This article provides an overview of the types of influence of hydrogen on the mechanical properties of steels, including those used for the manufacture of pipelines. The effect of elastic and plastic deformations on the intensity of hydrogen saturation of steels and changes in their strength and plastic deformations is analyzed. An assessment of the potential losses of transported hydrogen through the pipeline wall as a result of diffusion has been made. The main issues that need to be solved for the development of a scientifically grounded conclusion on the possibility of using existing gas pipelines for the transportation of compressed hydrogen are outlined.

Funding source: The research was performed at the expense of the subsidy for the state assignment in the field of scientific activity for 2021 NoFSRW-2020-0014.
Countries: Russian Federation

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