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Recent Combustion Strategies in Gas Turbines for Propulsion and Power Generation toward a Zero-Emissions Future: Fuels, Burners, and Combustion Techniques


The effects of climate change and global warming are arising a new awareness on the impact of our daily life. Power generation for transportation and mobility as well as in industry is the main responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, currently, 80% of the energy is still produced by combustion of fossil fuels; thus, great efforts need to be spent to make combustion greener and safer than in the past. For this reason, a review of the most recent gas turbines combustion strategy with a focus on fuels, combustion techniques, and burners is presented here. A new generation of fuels for gas turbines are currently under investigation by the academic community, with a specific concern about production and storage. Among them, biofuels represent a trustworthy and valuable solution in the next decades during the transition to zero carbon fuels (e.g., hydrogen and ammonia). Promising combustion techniques explored in the past, and then abandoned due to their technological complexity, are now receiving renewed attention (e.g., MILD, PVC), thanks to their effectiveness in improving the efficiency and reducing emissions of standard gas turbine cycles. Finally, many advances are illustrated in terms of new burners, developed for both aviation and power generation. This overview points out promising solutions for the next generation combustion and opens the way to a fast transition toward zero emissions power generation.

Funding source: This work was financially supported by MIUR–“Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca” under the Programmes: “Department of Excellence” Legge 232/2016 (Grant No. CUP-D94I18000260001); PON AIM–Attraction and International Mobility 2014–2020 AIM–1883385 CUPD94I18000180007. This work was financially supported by Regione Puglia under the Programme: Research for Innovation (REFIN)–POR Puglia FESR FSE 2021–2020–Asse X–Azione 10.4–Codice CUP: D94I20001410008.
Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Italy

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