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A Mini-review on Recent Trends in Prospective Use of Porous 1D Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Storage


The sustainable development of hydrogen energy is a priority task for a possible solution to 26 the global energy crisis. Hydrogen is a clean and renewable energy source that today is used 27 exclusively in the form of compressed gas or in liquefied form, which prevents its widespread 28 use. Storing hydrogen in solid-state systems will not only increase the bulk density and 29 gravimetric capacity, but will also have a positive impact on safety issues. From this point of 30 view, the current review considers the latest research in the field of application of 1D 31 nanomaterials for solid-state hydrogen storage, and also discusses the mechanisms of its 32 adsorption and desorption. Despite the high publication activity, the use of 1D nanomaterials for 33 hydrogen storage has not been fully studied. In the current review, modern developments in the 34 field of hydrogen storage using 1D nanomaterials and composites based on them are investigated 35 in detail, and their problems and future prospects are discussed.

Funding source: This research is funded by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Grant No AP09259707)
Countries: Kazakhstan

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