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Domestic Gas Meter Durability in Hydrogen and Natural Gas Mixtures


Blending hydrogen into the natural gas infrastructure is becoming a very promising practice to increase the exploitation of renewable energy sources which can be used to produce “green” hydrogen. Several research projects and field experiments are currently aimed at evaluating the risks associated with utilization of the gas blend in end-use devices such as the gas meters. In this paper, the authors present the results of experiments aimed at assessing the effect of hydrogen injection in terms of the durability of domestic gas meters. To this end, 105 gas meters of different measurement capabilities and manufacturers, both brand-new and withdrawn from service, were investigated in terms of accuracy drift after durability cycles of 5000 and 10,000 h with H2NG mixtures and H2 concentrations of 10% and 15%. The obtained results show that there is no metrologically significant or statistically significant influence of hydrogen content on changes in gas meter indication errors after subjecting the meters to durability testing with a maximum of 15% H2 content over 10,000 h. A metrologically significant influence of the long-term operation of the gas meters was confirmed, but it should not be made dependent on the hydrogen content in the gas. No safety problems related to the loss of external tightness were observed for either the new or 10-year-old gas meters.

Funding source: This research received funding as part of the statutory works commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland), order Nos. 0057/GM/18, 0079/GM/19 and 0073/GM/20, archival numbers DK-4100-0057/18, DK-4100-68/19 and DK-4100-61/20.
Related subjects: Hydrogen Blending
Countries: Italy ; Poland

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