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Simulation of Coupled Power and Gas Systems with Hydrogen-Enriched Natural Gas


Due to the increasing share of renewable energy sources in the electrical network, the focus on decarbonization has extended into other energy sectors. The gas sector is of special interest because it can offer seasonal storage capacity and additional flexibility to the electricity sector. In this paper, we present a new simulation method designed for hydrogen-enriched natural gas network simulation. It can handle different gas compositions and is thus able to accurately analyze the impact of hydrogen injections into natural gas pipelines. After describing the newly defined simulation method, we demonstrate how the simulation tool can be used to analyze a hydrogen-enriched gas pipeline network. An exemplary co-simulation of coupled power and gas networks shows that hydrogen injections are severely constrained by the gas pipeline network, highlighting the importance and necessity of considering different gas compositions in the simulation.

Funding source: This research was funded by Operational Program for the promotion of investments in growth and employment for North Rhine-Westphalia from the European fund for regional development (OP EFRE NRW) grant number EFRE-0400111
Related subjects: Hydrogen Blending
Countries: Germany

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