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GIS-Based Method for Future Prospect of Energy Supply in Algerian Road Transport Sector Using Solar Roads Technology


This paper aims to investigate the possibility of integration of Electric Vehicles EVs supply’s with electricity and/or hydrogen in the road transport sector and estimate the energy supply derived from solar irradiation by using solar roads technology. The case study is road Est-Oust (road  E-O) of Algeria. A Geographic Information System and spatial analysis tools are combined with spatial data and technical models to carry out these calculations. The results of this study demonstrate that solar road panels, which are integrated into the road E-O, produce over to 804 GWh/year which equivalents to 13778 tons of hydrogen per using FCEVs will saving over then 41.103 liter of fossil fuels (regular gasoline); and reduce GHG emission (CO2) in the transportation sector by 216 tons per year.

Related subjects: Applications & Pathways
Countries: Algeria

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