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Research on High-Pressure Hydrogen Pre-Cooling Based on CFD Technology in Fast Filling Process


In the fast filling process, in order to control the temperature of the vehicle-mounted storage tank not to exceed the upper limit of 85 ◦C, it is an effective method to add a hydrogen pre-cooling system upstream of the hydrogenation machine. In this paper, Fluent is used to simulate the heat transfer process of high-pressure hydrogen in a shell-and-tube heat exchanger and the phase change process of refrigerant R23. The accuracy of the model is proven by a comparison with the data in the references. Using this model, the temperature field and gas volume fraction in the heat transfer process are obtained, which is helpful to analyze the heat transfer mechanism. At the same time, the influence of hydrogen inlet temperature, hydrogen inlet pressure, and refrigerant flow rate on the refrigeration performance was studied. The current work shows that the model can be used to determine the best working parameters in the pre-cooling process and reduce the operating cost of the hydrogen refueling station.

Funding source: This work was partially supported by Xi’an Key Laboratory of Clean Energy (2019219914SYS014CG036), The Yulin Industry-University-Research Cooperation Project (2019-173), and Key Research and Development Program of Shaanxi (2021ZDLGY13-02).

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