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Microbial Fuel Cells: Technologically Advanced Devices and Approach for Sustainable/renewable Energy Development


There is a huge quantity of energy needs/demands for multiple developmental and domestic activities in the modern era. And in this context, consumption of more non-renewable energy is reported and created many problems or issues (availability of fossil fuel stocks in the future period, causes a huge quantity of toxic gases or particles or climatic change effects) at the global level. And only sustainable or renewable fuel development can provide alternate fuel, and we report from various biological agents processes, including microbial biofuel cell applications for future energy needs only. These will not cause any interference in natural resources or services. Microbial biofuel cells utilize the living cell to produce bioelectricity via bioelectrochemical system. It can drive electricity or other energy generation currents via lived cell interaction. Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) and enzymatic biofuel cells, with their advancement in design, can improve sustainable bio-energy production by proving an efficient conversion system compared to chemical fuels into electric power. Different types of MFCs operation are reported in wastewater treatment with biogas biohydrogen and other biofuel/energy generation. Later, biogas can convert into electric power. Hybrid microbial biofuel cell utility with photochemical reaction is found for electricity generation. Recent research and development in microbial biofuel design and its application will emphasize bioenergy for the future.

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