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Evaluation of Corrosion, Mechanical Properties and Hydrogen Embrittlement of Casing Pipe Steels with Different Microstructure


In the research, the corrosion and mechanical properties, as well as susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement, of two casing pipe steels were investigated in order to assess their serviceability in corrosive and hydrogenating environments under operation in oil and gas wells. Two carbon steels with different microstructures were tested: the medium carbon steel (MCS) with bainitic microstructure and the medium-high carbon steel (MHCS) with ferrite–pearlite microstructure. The results showed that the corrosion resistance of the MHCS in CO2-containing acid chloride solution, simulating formation water, was significantly lower than that of the MCS, which was associated with microstructure features. The higher strength MCS with the dispersed microstructure was less susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement under preliminary electrolytic hydrogenation than the lower strength MHCS with the coarse-grained microstructure. To estimate the embrittlement of steels, the method of the FEM load simulation of the specimens with cracks was used. The constitutive relations of the true stress–strain of the tested steels were defined. The stress and strain dependences in the crack tip were calculated. It was found that the MHCS was characterized by the lower plasticity on the stage of the neck formation of the specimen and the lower fracture toughness than the other one. The obtained results demonstrating the limitations of the usage of casing pipes made of the MHCS with the coarse-grained ferrite/pearlite microstructure in corrosive and hydrogenating environments were discussed.

Funding source: The research was financed by Grant of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland No. SUBB.MKPK.21.001.
Countries: Poland ; Ukraine

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