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Research on Hydrogen Consumption and Driving Range of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle under the CLTC-P Condition


Hydrogen consumption and mileage are important economic indicators of fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen consumption is the fundamental reason that restricts mileage. Since there are few quantitative studies on hydrogen consumption during actual vehicle operation, the high cost of hydrogen consumption in outdoor testing makes it impossible to guarantee the accuracy of the test. Therefore, this study puts forward a test method based on the hydrogen consumption of fuel cell vehicles under CLTC-P operating conditions to test the hydrogen consumption of fuel cell vehicles per 100 km. Finally, the experiment shows that the mileage calculated by hydrogen consumption has a higher consistency with the actual mileage. Based on this hydrogen consumption test method, the hydrogen consumption can be accurately measured, and the test time and cost can be effectively reduced.

Funding source: The project is supported partly by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 52107220), Postdoctoral Research Fund Project of China (No. 2021M690353), Scientific and Technological Innovation Foundation of Foshan (No. BK21BE012), Postdoctor Research Foundation of Shunde Graduate School of University of Science and Technology Beijing (No. 2021BH007), and Key Laboratory of Conveyance and Equipment (East China Jiaotong University), Ministry of Education, (No. KLCE2021-02). Institutional Review Board Statement
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